Our commitment to quality is reflected in our metallurgical laboratory. A modern spectrometre gives us a rapid, accurate chemical analysis of the metal we cast. This rigid control of metal chemistry, supplemented by physical testing and microscopic examination results in thight control of the mechanical, physical and engineering properties of every casting we pour.


Quality is everybody’s business. Total Quality Management being the quiding principle for every personal.


We are comitted to quality check at critical sleps in the manufacturing process. Using modern equipment and procedures including.


- Tensile strenght and strain test

- Brinell hardness test

- Spectrographic analyses

- Microscopic examination

- Magnetic powder crack detection test

- Dimensional checks

- Impact test

- Sand test


The high standards of quality that Alfa demands itself are defined in DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and are audited regularly. Material that are ordered exclusively from certified suppliers.