Alfa was founded in 1984 and situated in the “First Industrial Region” in Ankara. Capacity is about 10.000 tons/year casting. The foundry is able to produce ductile and gray cast iron from 0,2 kg to 1000 kg of weight. All working processes are in compliance with current European and international norms. We have vertical, horizontal and resin sand moulding processes.


Alfa has been ISO 9001:2008 certified since 2003. Achiving customer satisfaction is the principle objective of our company. To meet customer satisfaction, our experts work to continually improve methods and process across all divisions at the company.


We rely on well equiped laboratory in which all necessary control and analysis of materials at different stages are carried out upon reception, during working process and before shipment. Technical services are also in change of quality management control.


Technical department develops all tools and equipments which are necessary to produce castings as per customers drawings and in compliance with requirements. The designers job supported by the mould manufacturing department that is taking care in preparing and checking the equipment before use.


Our main quality policy is as follows;

• To produce high quality at low cost,
• To be a trustworthy and sought after firm which satisfies the customer’s demands,
• To have continuous improvement and betterment of our products,
• To educate our personnel so that they understand and approve the aims and policies of our firm,
• To be one of the leading company in our country and in the world.